Angrod Vardamir (aka Kris Ardianto) started his board gaming journey in 2011 when a friend asked him to play Monopoly, which He dislikes. After that He went to try His first 'true' board game in Arkham Horror and fell in love with the hobby. He found out His passion in board gaming and joined IBG (Indo Board Games) community during it's pinnacle moment, exploring hundreds of titles with other members. Now He is sort of a board game connoisseur though there are still a lot of things to learn. He plays, collects and manages blog review about board games ( Vardamir has been an avid gamer since the beginning but his true taste lies on games with Euro-style, constrained luck and non-abstract. Of course despite of His taste, he still likes great epic Ameritrash or Hybrid games like Twilight Imperium, Chaos in The Old World and others.

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